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Thread: provider for manhattan

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    provider for manhattan

    can somebody say to me who they is provider for manhattan for premiere channels!thanx

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    Re: provider for manhattan

    Quote Originally Posted by fintel View Post
    can somebody say to me who they is provider for manhattan for premiere channels!thanx
    ************************************************** *******
    if your asking for the provider ident for premiere to enter keys
    on a manhattan st range receiver, you can not enter keys for
    premiere on a manhattan receiver the software was never up-dated
    to allow the entering of keys for this provider and these channels
    were only ever open when a patch was issued. but now that all
    support has finished you will never enter them, you can add keys
    for d+taquilla on ident 4011 and with different keys the key line changes
    between lines 00 and 01 and line numbers 10 and 11 most manhattan users
    are now useing the t-rex 4.6 cam to open channels and say after the poor
    support from manhattan when they change the receivers they will get rid
    of the manhattan and never buy from them again.
    this is a shame because with support these would be great receivers
    but it looks like manhattan have to many models and only care about profit.

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