Screen Australia invests AUD$1.78MN in multi-platform drama

Louise Duffy | 16-12-2013

Screen Australia has announced $1.78 million investment in eight diverse new productions spanning interactive drama, multi-platform TV and Web series through its Multi-platform Drama programme.

The organisation's chief executive, Graeme Mason, said: “From Australia’s first Asian Prime Minister, to time-travelling Bondi hipsters, to a ‘film noir’ household living in contemporary Australia, these projects are fresh, unconventional and boundary-pushing.”

Two multi-platform television series were approved for investment including Soul Mates, a toxic bromance from the creators of the successful YouTube comedy Bondi Hipsters. The series follows the story of two friends drawn together across the course of human history, from the time of the first cavemen to the year 2145, when they find themselves working in a time travel agency. It will be produced, written and directed by Connor Van Vuuren, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Nick Boshier and Chloe Rickard for ABC2.

The post-apocalyptic action adventure Wastelander Panda is a new multi-platform series developed from the groundbreaking web series. It’s produced by Nick Batzias and Kirsty Stark for both ABC TV and iView, along with a planned graphic novel. The series is directed by Victoria Cocks and co-written by Cocks, Mike Jones and Matt Vesely.

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is an innovative interactive comedy drama for tablet devices from producer/writer/director Christy Dena, about an autopsy pathologist who has a hidden life as a philosopher.

Dayne’s World is a mind-bending Web series about successful Australian comedian Dayne Rathbone. It’s produced by Michael Horrocks and Mike Nayna and is written by both Dayne Rathbone and Nayna.

MyChonny Moves In is a Web series from writer/director John Luc, which follows YouTube sensation MyChonny and his family, who move in with a relative after being evicted from their home and pursued by police. Their new relative just happens to be Australia’s first Asian Prime Minister! The series is produced by Robyn Kershaw (Bran Nue Dae) and Amanda Morrison.

Noirhouse is a Web series that follows three film-noir archetypes who live in a share house of flying bullets, steamy looks and split bills, from writer Tim Logan, director Shaun Wilson, producer Fiona McConaghy and associate producer Nathan Spencer.

Following their debut feature film 100 Bloody Acres, directors Colin and Cameron Cairnes bring us WHAM: Warren and Hal Media, a multi-platform comedy Web series about the marketing misadventures of two deluded ‘ideas’ men, Warren and Hal. The series is produced by Jessica Beirne, and is written by and stars Jason Marion and Nick Maxwell

Altruman, a Web series supported with post-production funding, is about a selfless superhero who starts to question his life choices after he's diagnosed with cancer. It’s produced by Robin Geradts-Gil with online producer Ben McEwing, directed by Hannah Moon and Geradts-Gill and written by Stephen Sholl.