As the title says - can CCcam handle 2 different providers at the same time?

I have toroidal T-90 dish with 6 LNB's cabled to DISEqC 8in1. Cable from DISEqC goes to the STB in living room. STB (VU+ Duo²) has 2 x DVB-S2 tuners (not twin tuners). Cable from DISEqC goes into tuner A (LNB IN) and there is a loop-through cable from tuner A (LNB OUT) to tuner B (LNB IN). Tuner A is configured properly for all satellites. Tuner B is configured as equally to tuner A.

Only this setup makes it possible to watch 2 different channels at the same time. But provider has to be the same. Eg. I can watch 2 different channels from Canal Digital on 0,8W, one on the STB, another on iPad. But if I, for some reason, want to change channel on iPad to a channel provided by SKY IT on 13,0E, iPad goes black. This goes for any other channels/providers as well.

Are there some settings I forgot to configure, or is it impossible to configure CCcam to handle 2 encryptions at the same time?

Thank You.