Seven conjures up magic for 2014

Louise Duffy | 17-12-2013

Australia's Seven has secured the rights to new British series The Happenings and Tricked, which will join a fourth series from Dynamo: Magician Impossible in primetime on Seven in 2014.

The Happenings stars BAFTA-nominated magicians Barry and Stuart, as they attempt to make the unbelievable believable. Quietly slipping into four unsuspecting towns in the UK and US and through magic, illusion and sleight of hand, the pair create strange events for the residents.

In Tricked, magician Ben Hanlin goes undercover using sleight of hand, mental powers and misdirection to pull magical pranks on members of the public and celebrities.

Seven’s director of network programming, Angus Ross, said: “Dynamo and Cosentino have made magic one of the hottest genres in Australian primetime.

“Barry and Stuart are really taking things to the next level with The Happenings and Ben Hanlin is set to shock, amaze and astound as unwitting contributors get their world turned on its head with his own special brand of hidden camera magic in Tricked.

“We’re pleased they’re coming to Australia's home of magic, the Seven Network.”