Connected TV usage opens up innovative ad approaches

Michelle Clancy | 18-12-2013

Consumers are increasingly using connected TV devices to consume TV and film content, giving rise to innovative opportunities for brands to engage the growing group of content viewers and purchasers of goods that are currently not addressable via linear TV.

Research commissioned from Nielsen by adRise shows new demographics that can be targeted with more interactive brand engagement approaches. And as evidence that 'traditional' TV viewing habits are changing, it shows that adRise apps are being viewed 33% of the time during prime time TV hours.

Nielsen ID'd the Digital Generation as a rising demographic who are typically younger, college educated, high consumption consumers with average incomes, and who are more difficult to reach via traditional linear TV as they tend to gravitate to connected devices that are more compatible with their digital-focused lifestyle.

Content Enthusiasts, meanwhile, are typically older consumers that are more easily reached via linear TV. But these consumers are using connected devices to supplement their TV consumption.

"What we're seeing is a dramatic shift in how people consume content, and this study conducted by Nielsen highlights the importance of these emergent markets for content owners and advertisers," said Farhad Massoudi, founder and CEO at adRise. "We carry TV, film and broadcast content, meaning the future of our content offering will continue to be very expansive and cover all forms: scripted, non-scripted and all flavours in between."

According to eMarketer, digital TV viewers will cross a critical tipping point in 2014, surpassing 50% of the US Internet user population.

"Content owners and advertisers who have embraced a strategy that includes viewers who watch TV using video apps on connected devices will be well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities presented by this trend," concluded Massoudi.