Time Warner adds TV Asia to line-up throughout SoCal

Michelle Clancy | 18-12-2013

Time Warner Cable has announced the expansion of TV Asia throughout Southern California. TV Asia is available to Time Warner Cable subscribers as part of South Asian programming packages.

TV Asia provides a wide range of programming produced for South Asian Americans who want to maintain ties with their cultural heritage and way of life. For instance, this weekend, viewers can catch all of the action of the American College Cricket finals on Saturday 21 December at 1.30pm EST.

"TV Asia celebrates South Asian achievements, cultural festivals, events and stories, and we thank Time Warner Cable for adding TV Asia to their programming line-up and keeping the community connected," said HR Shah, TV Asia chairman and CEO. "TV Asia will continue to bring locally relevant programs and fulfil its role in the combo package as the voice and mirror of the community."

TV Asia is also available on Time Warner Cable markets nationwide, including New York, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Texas and Missouri.