Entone launches the EnterLink STB-less home distribution solution

Michelle Clancy | 18-12-2013

Entone has launched the EnterLink video networking solution, which enables the distribution of TV services to numerous IP-connected devices without requiring new wiring or the necessity of operator-provisioned set-top boxes.

The net result, the company said, is simplified installation, greater consumer choice and reduced costs.

"EnterLink allows operators to easily deploy hybrid television services to a plethora of IP devices throughout the connected home," said Mark Evensen, founder and CTO of Entone. "With EnterLink, operators have the flexibility to select a whole-home distribution technology that best fits the consumers' specific needs."

Entone's 'boxless' feature simplifies installation and reduces the need for operator-provisioned set-top boxes. By enabling the delivery of multiple simultaneous video streams throughout the home from a single set-top box, Entone's Boxless feature provides a whole-home viewing experience across multiple TV's with a coaxial connection and no additional set-top box.

"Wireless capabilities in hybrid set-top boxes provides a great benefit to consumers and solves a big problem for operators," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates. "The wireless connection makes it much more likely that consumers will connect their hybrid box to the Internet to access cloud-based services and features from the operator. The boxless approach goes even further, providing consumers with even more content viewing options and reducing costs for operators. Given these features and MoCA support, Entone's EnterLink provides great flexibility for subscribers to access operator services within the connected home."