Chile starts DTT transmissions in Andean region

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18-12-2013

Chile has initiated DTT transmissions in the Andean region nearly two months after the digital TV law was finally approved.

The Spanish broadcasting manufacturer Egatel contributed to the DTT deployment in the remote region with its digital transmitters.

The company provided a 300W UHF TV ISDB-Tb transmitter, model TE930, which was selected by Subtel, Chile's telecoms authority, to digitise the TV service in the Andean region, due to its geographical difficulties. The trial broadcast began on 14 December, starting a process which is expected to be rapidly extended throughout the country. The digital transition regulation was stuck in Parliament for nearly five years, making Chile's DTT roll-out the most delayed among the big Latin American markets.

Egatel's model and transmitter power was selected due to the network characteristics, as it is based on medium power equipment. The configuration will enable DTT roll-out throughout most of Chile.

Egatel is a Spanish-based company specialising in research, development and manufacture of RF systems to broadcast both analogue and digital TV and radio. The group is present in the international broadcast market, in which it develops turnkey projects and equipment for TV networks.