Tablets and ADSL subs on the rise in France

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 18-12-2013

One in five French households owns a tablet, and two households out of five have an ADSL connection, according to a study from CSA's Observatoire de l'équipement audiovisuel des foyers.

Over the second half of 2013, 21.5% of French homes already owned a tablet, while 51.9% of individuals aged over 15 had a smartphone.

Among devices enabling audiovisual usage, smartphones and tablets have risen significantly. However, TV sets and computers are still the most numerous screens in French homes.

Regarding TV reception modes, DTT remains the top way to watch TV, by 59.7% of the population, but ADSL subscriptions are still growing in number with two out of five homes signed up.

Satellite reception has been adopted by 24.8% of Gallic TV homes and cable by 8.9%.

Less than three households out of ten receive digital TV two different ways, with 14.7% of households mixing DTT and ADSL