TV-3 wins Russian DTT contest

December 19, 2013 09.16 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

Shukhov-radio-towerRoskomnadzor has awarded a place on Russia’s second DTT multiplex to TV-3.

As a result, Dozhd, the only other bidder, has now been unsuccessful on three occasions to secure the place.

Although the original line-up of the 10 channels that will occupy the multiplex was finalised in December 2012, one of those channels – TV Center – was moved to the first multiplex in April.

Then in October, the state broadcaster RTR also withdrew its channel Sport 1 from the second multiplex.

One of the spaces that was freed up was subsequently awarded to the Orthodox channel Spas and TV3 now has the licence for the second one.

As previously reported in Broadband TV News, the winner of the contest will be required to broadcast around the clock and allocate at least 55% of its airtime to domestically produced programming.

They will also have to pay a one-off fee of R36 million (€825,650), along with a participation fee equivalent to 2% of this.

TV-3 was owned by ProfMedia up until last month, when it was acquired by Gazprom-Media.