Over 200MN connected TVs, content devices in US homes by 2015

Joseph O'Halloran | 19-12-2013

Research from NPD Connected Intelligence is predicting that there will be 202 million smart TV devices in US homes in 2015, a 44% increase from the 140 million at the start of 2013.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of these devices, the Connected Home Forecast report added, will end up being connected to the Internet compared with just over half (56%) currently connected.

The analyst believes that connected TVs, once, it says, just a middleman for connected devices, are becoming a much more prominent piece of the living room experience, predicting that by 2015 there will be 23 million installed and connected.

The survey suggests that driving both the adoption and use of connected TV devices are streaming media players and the TV itself. NPD expects the introduction of devices, such as Chromecast, will help push further the number of installed and connected media players to 31 million by 2015, and outpace connected Blu-ray players by mid-2014.

“As consumers connect TVs to the Internet, they are not only using streaming services such as Netflix, they also switch from media players TV programming to TV network apps such as HBO GO or WatchESPN,” commented John Buffone, executive director, industry analyst, NPD Connected Intelligence. “This change in behaviour emphasises the importance of developing strong watch apps and ensuring they are available on all the devices viewers use to connect their TVs.”