Poll reveals the French love of streaming videos

Parent Category: News | 19-12-2013

French viewers regularly stream videos and watch catch-up TV, while they consume video-on-demand (VOD) content more erratically, according to research by GfK, Rec+, which looked at the consumption of physical and digital entertainment content.

57% of French people polled said they streamed videos at least once a week, and 57% watched a programme on catch-up.

However, only 34% paid for VOD content.

Movies and series are the most downloaded genres, and these are consumed almost exclusively (95%) on a computer.

The number of video game-players is also continuing to rise, with eight out of ten French individuals having played over the last 12 months.

The breakdown shows that depending on the moment, 66% are playing on a computer, 55% from a living room console, 42% from a mobile phone, 36% from a tablet and 45% from a smartphone.