Taboola launches mobile API, integrates with FOX, others

Michelle Clancy | 19-12-2013

The Taboola content distribution and discovery platform has launched its mobile API, which allows publishers to quickly integrate Taboola in native mobile environments and connected TVs. Working with StepLeader, the company's API has already been integrated into more than a hundred mobile apps, the company said.

The collaboration places Taboola's content recommendations into native mobile apps by publishers such as Fox Television Stations, Capitol Broadcasting Company, ComCorp USA, Cowles California Media, News-Press Gazette, Midwest Television and Titan TV Broadcast Group.

"We are constantly searching for the best way to generate exciting monetisation opportunities for our partners, and bridge the gap between mobile audience growth and mobile revenue," said Matthew Davis, director of product marketing at StepLeader. "Taboola has successfully delivered a high-quality, scalable solution, and the results have exceeded our expectations. We look forward to further collaborating and innovating together."

Mobile traffic is growing 1.5 times per year and is expected to constitute 25% of Internet traffic this year, according to a recent report published by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. A healthy 20% of Taboola's recommendations over 20 billion recommendations in November are already served in mobile environments, and the company intends to increase that, it said.

"We're thrilled to partner with StepLeader and offer millions of users a consistent and native discovery experience in apps, establishing an exciting revenue opportunity without showing a single banner," said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola. "We believe users should have an orthodox experience that is tailored to the environment where they consume content, whether that is on a large screen, mobile browser or in apps. We're very excited about the opportunity to help publishers, app developers, brands, and marketers to unlock the potential of their content wherever users may like it."