Toshiba choses YuMe as its first ad partner

December 19, 2013 13.52 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Toshiba have chosen YuMe as the first ad partner on its Europe-wide smart TV portal, Cloud TV.

YuMe is the first official launch partner to provide smart TV portal monetization services with premium in-stream video advertising throughout Europe. Initial launch countries include the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The video advertising offering on Cloud TV will provide an engaging experience for smart TV users, while the available companion banners will offer a ‘take-over’ branding opportunity for advertisers and the pre-roll video apps will deliver compelling content.

“Toshiba Europe and YuMe both aim to lead innovation in the connected TV media space,” said Olivier Van Wynendaele, Head of TV Cloud Services, Toshiba Europe GmbH. “The combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative interactive video advertising provides value for both advertisers and our viewers.”

“We are very pleased to have been chosen as Toshiba’s official Cloud TV launch partner in Europe,” said Michael Hudes, EVP, YuMe.

“Our technology will enable Toshiba Europe to bring state of the art interactive ad experiences to both consumers and advertisers with this new connected TV media platform.”

Toshiba Europe will use YuMe ads, Connected Audience Network, and real-time reporting capabilities which are pre-integrated with the Accedo AdMediate platform. Accedo streamlines advertising on smart TVs by connecting TV apps to any ad network through a single integration.

“As the leading connected TV application provider for global media companies, Accedo is pleased that Toshiba has selected YuMe as its primary partner for European connected TV video ad serving and sales. We continue to work closely with YuMe to ensure that our partners achieve their global objectives with YuMe’s powerful combination of video ad management and monetization support and Accedo’s solutions,” said Michael Lantz, CEO and founder of Accedo.

YuMe will sell and deliver premium video ads plus a synced companion banner via YuMe’s CTV SideKick, its latest video ad unit. CTV SideKick will be delivered to all Toshiba Europe users while they access premium television content, social accounts and a variety of smart TV applications. Initial launch partners include Renault.

“Renault is continually looking to interact with customers on new and innovative platforms,” said Juan Francisco Gómez, head of advertising and media for Renault Iberia.

“Our media agency OMD, wanted us to work with YuMe because they are continually innovating in the market to maximise the proposition of new screens.”