Bolivia TV upgrades broadcast infrastructure with IDC

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 20-12-2013

International Datacasting has snagged a major contract to upgrade the broadcasting equipment for Bolivia TV.

Already a customer for IDC since April 2012, Bolivia TV will enhance its capabilities by deploying seven high performance TITAN Video Encoders throughout the central-South American country, as well as 11 of the rugged and compact HMR Receivers.

Bolivia TV serves a culturally rich population of nearly 10.5 million residents, who enjoy a wide array of interests including art, cuisine, music and sports. Bolivia TV will leverage IDC to broadcast events nationwide, from the latest soccer match in La Paz to a performance of the Bolivian Philharmonic Orchestra from Santa Cruz. IDC's equipment can also handle many different types of news and sports formats from across the continent.

"We believe that the winning formula of IDC's functionality, flexibility and quality coupled with our healthy ongoing relationship will be a driving force for Bolivia TV's success, as we stay a step ahead of the latest technological challenges in broadcasting," said Ruben Dario Marquez Choque, technical manager for Bolivia TV.