FOX, Promocine and TVN sign production agreement

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 20-12-2013

Fox International Channels Latin America, Chile's national channel TVN, and local production company Promocine have signed a co-production agreement for a new fiction series.

In 2012, nearly $780,000 was granted by Chile's TV national council to bring the project, Sitiados, to TV.
The series is already in a pre-production and will start being filmed in April 2014. Sitiados will be recorded in Chile but with a Latin American cast. Nicolás Acuña will direct the eight episodes of the series which is based on an original idea from Carmen Gloria López, who was inspired by the historical battle of Villarrica which took place between 1598-1601.

"When we saw the script and the team working on it, we detected a lot of potential. Nobody has yet done a premium historical series in Latin America, and this is the kind of challenge we like," said Edgar Spilemann, COO at Fox International Channels.

"We are very pleased to be participating in an international production, but also because it's a series inspired by our past and our origins," added Mauro Valdés, from TVN.

"After four years of work we are happy to start the final phase of the project, which will not only be for Chile, but for all Latin America," added Nicolás Acuña from Promocine.

The series takes place over three years at the end of 16th century, when 500 Spanish are held prisoners in their own town. Without any real chance of fighting the enemy, the population struggles with starvation and sicknesses and only a few survive.