Sky News Australia joins Enex

Louise Duffy | 22-12-2013

Enex, the international news provider, has signed a partnership agreement with the Australian News Channel, which will see Sky News Australia share content and resources with the 41 broadcast partners belonging to Enex worldwide.

Under the terms of the deal, Sky News Australia becomes Enex’s special affiliate in the region, gaining exclusive access to the video, live transmission and production facilities of the Enex network across the globe. Enex in turn gains access to Sky News’ reports from Australia and New Zealand, where it runs a total of 10 bureaus supporting its 24/7 news broadcast operation.

Australian News Channel chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos said: “By affiliating with Enex we can source a wealth of exclusive material that will help make our broadcast more unique. Enex is becoming a real force in international news and we are glad to become part of this club.”

Henning Tewes, Enex managing director, added: “We are delighted to announce this news of continued momentum in our partnership agreements. Sky News Australia is a tremendous force in newsgathering in its home market and brings great television news to millions of people in Australia and New Zealand. We are looking forward to our partnership and to bringing this great material to our member broadcasters in many countries around the globe.”