Alticast to launch HDMI STB streaming stick

Michelle Clancy | 23-12-2013

Alticast, the interactive television specialist, is planning to premiere a new HDMI stick solution, demonstrating a new direction for IP delivery.

The HDMI stick can be used as a client with a gateway, or for direct content delivered via cloud based IP delivery.

Alticast will launch the stick at CES 2014, where it will also show off a new cloud-based DVR and the Windmill 2.0 user interface. The Windmill 2.0 user experience provides a personalised approach to each viewer in the house.

Itís also planning a standards-based Alticast Application Store.

The company will be showcasing its all-IP STB solutions, including multiple RDK device integrations and the new HDMI stick, at CES 2014.

Alticast also offers fully integrated open standard software solutions, including RDK, OCAP and MHP. The Alticast TV Ready Application Framework in conjunction with RDK provides a high-performing solution. And, the TV Ready User Agent manages operations, provides core TV functionality and allows operators to implement HTML5, Android, and Native UX applications on one STB platform.