FCC approves Tribune application for major TV affiliate takeover

Michelle Clancy | 23-12-2013

The Federal Communications Commission has approved Tribune Company's application to assume control of broadcast licenses held by subsidiaries of Local TV Holdings.

The announcement paves the way for Tribune to acquire 16 of Local TV's television stations in 14 markets across the US and will see the creation of the largest combined independent broadcast group and content creator in the United States.

"On behalf of thousands of Tribune and Local TV employees across the country, I want to thank the Commission for reaching this decision; we are extremely pleased to move forward with the transaction," said Peter Liguori, Tribune's president and CEO.

"The logic and investment thesis underlining our acquisition of Local TV is as powerful as it is simple—in a fragmenting media landscape, there is value in scale, for our viewers, advertisers, networks, cable and satellite partners and, most important, the communities we serve. We are very excited to bring the employees of these two great companies together."

The Commission also approved the transfer of broadcast licenses for three local TV stations in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and Norfolk, VA, to Dreamcatcher Broadcasting.