Cognitive inks developer partnerships for enhanced TV

Michelle Clancy | 24-12-2013

Cognitive Networks has partnered with app developers A Different Engine and Accedo to expand its smart TV ecosystem for Enhanced TV.

Cognitive Networks’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology enables contextually-related content to be displayed on smart TVs in synchronization with its related television programming, adding interactivity and richer ancillary engagement.

“Application development and implementation for a 10-foot viewing experience using HTML5, broadband connectivity and LG’s Magic Motion remote is a special art form,” said Michael Collette, CEO of Cognitive Networks. “These developers have great experience building for TV and have shown strong ability to take full advantage of what is fundamentally a new medium of expression and engagement. They will play a critical role in the delivery of great consumer experiences that will power the future of TV.”

Cognitive Networks’ ENGAGE API allows application providers to launch opt-in-based applications, which are intelligently synchronised with live or time-shifted television. The company’s addressable service delivery enables advertisers to customise interactions and gives content producers and networks the ability to expand viewership, watch-time and push deeper engagement.