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    Unhappy Help Me Please

    Hi all
    sat newbie here
    i have a few questions that i would really appreciate some simple explanations to

    can someone please help me understand again what to program on a funcard 5
    i used to program a friends card 4 years ago and have now purchased all my own sat equipment but have forgotton what files do what. i thought i had to load a flash file and ext eeprom but once programmed i only seem to see a couple of channels that seem encrypted.

    i used to download 6 in 1 files but now i seem to see lots of bin files ????? could someone explain what i can do with these.

    also what are key files for? and how do you use them

    and lastly what is meant by a patched reciever and what can i do with it

    my equipment is
    technomate TM 1600 that is patched with darkman ???? whatever that is
    multycrypt internal card reader and viaccess cam
    85 cm dish with monoblock LMB set up to hotbird and astra
    infinity usb programmer

    thanks in advance for anyones time


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    Re: Help Me Please

    markscuba, I have a TM1500, all I need is the latest Darkman patch which is an STB file. I use the Darkman loader to load it into my TM1500, the same loader can be used for key files and bin files for TPS on 13E. I don't have any need for funcards or cams and I have never enjoyed satellite TV as much as with the TM1500. The keys can be loaded into your box with a key file or as individual keys via your remote control, hope this helps. I don't know how much the 1600 differs from the 1500.

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