The VTi crew wishes you a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year


Update: 2013-12-24

- increase image version --> VTi 6.0.5
- update drivers (2013-12-24)

Support new HbbTV release
fix misc bugs

- update opera-hbbtv (ver. 2013-12-24)

misc. speedups
support YouTube TV

- update dvbapp2 (ver. 2013-12-24)

support EPG views during movie playback
EPGBar = OK button long, Service EPG = EPG button long
support PiP in EPGBar screen during movie playback (ts files) including zapping and timer programming
turn on/off EPGBar PiP with Play button (turn off not for Duo and Uno/Ultimo HD PiP)
picon renderer takes care of picon size given in skin(picon folder should be picon_WIDTHxHEIGHT)
update pl translation by @kapciu75
fix minor bugs

- update plugin AIHDController pichmod (ver. 2.9)
- update plugin EasyInfo (ver. 2013-12-24)

adjust for VTi dvbapp2 functions

- update plugin GraphMultiEPG (ver. 2013-12-24)

increase font size
add skip +/- 1 day function (<> buttons)

- update plugin OpenWebInterface (ver. 0.2.6 2013-12-23)

add link to LCD4Linux webinterface

- update plugin PicturCenterFS (ver. 3.76)
- update plugin WebRadioFS (ver. 11.39)
- update picons pph & LicherPils (19.2)
- add picons 50x30 pph (19.2)
- update skin Nemesis Glassline (ver. 6.0)
- add skin BlackBlueSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin BlackRedSkyHD (ver. 1.0)
- add skin Dark-BeautyHD (ver. 1.0)