Spain's private TV stations call for quick decision on channel closures

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-12-2013

Spain's private TV organisation, UTECA, is tired of the doubts generated by the Supreme Court ruling to close nine DTT channels and the future spectrum restructuring, leading it the private channels to present an official communication asking the Government to make a quick decision and end the uncertainty.

According to UTECA, the court's sentence was the result of a mistake the previous Government made when distributing the licences and compensation should be given to those companies which now face closing up to three channels. For the private TV companies, the ruling puts many jobs at risk as well as the heavy investment made over the past three years.
The sector faced a similar decision a few months ago, but the Government decided to stop the process while it held discussions with the operators. But no decision was made and now the court has reiterated its sentence.
The Government is also waiting to set a date to reorganise the radioelectric spectrum to give the telcos more space to improve 4G and LTE communications. Despite the pressure and the sector's needs, the final decision probably won't be made before January.