TV Azteca, Tendai to build Peru's fibre infrastructure

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27-12-2013

The Mexican consortium TV Azteca-Tendai has been selected by Peru's Communications Ministry to design, build and deploy a fibre network of over 13,000km. The project, Red Dorsal, aims to connect Lima with 22 regional capitals and 180 districts, and will involve an investment of over $320 million.

Red Dorsal is planned to complement the 4G LTE deployment started last summer and intends to increase data connections between the country's main cities. According to Carlos Paredes, Communications' Minister, the price of the access to the Internet and terrestrial data transport will be reduced by 80%.

The price reduction will affect the whole country's TV and Internet operators, which will be able to set more competitive rates for the customers. IPTV is mostly unknown among a population of whom 60% pay for TV. According to ConcorTV's latest report, the most popular pay-TV platform is cable (98%) with the rest being split between DTH and IP platforms.

Red Dorsal will start operating by the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016, although some bureaucratic processes could slow down the fibre deployment. The network will depend upon whether TV Azteca-Tendai will be able to use or rent existing infrastructures or not.