Cuba to bring DTT to half the population in 2014

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-12-2013

Cuba's government has decided it has had enough DTT testing and has announced it will start regular DTT broadcasts during 2014 for half of the population - some five million people. During next year, all the heads of province and the most populated towns will be covered by digital TV.

According to Justo Moreno, Radio Cuba's director, the digital signal will be extended through the country's 14 provinces. At the moment it is only available in 70 quarters of the capital Havana. During this second phase of DTT's deployment in the country, 19 new transmission centres will be installed and around 12,000 set-top-boxes (STB) will be delivered to selected towns.

Cuba's DTT, which works with the Chinese standard DTMB, has been also deployed thanks to the financial support of the Asian power. According to Moreno, the country's TV production industry will also be modernised in order to generate digital content for the new network.

The Caribbean island started the DTT transition in 2009, but only during 2013 seriously began with the network installation. In addition to the tests carried out in Havana, the production and transmission of eight channels was digitised.

Cuba plans to finished the system deployment by 2016, although the analogue switch-off is scheduled for 2021.