NanoTech sights Epic Eye 4K OTT, IPTV channel licence

Editor | 29-12-2013

4K UltraHD technology provider NanoTech Entertainment has signed a distribution agreement with Epic Eye to distribute parent company Moving Murals' gallery of content captured at 4K resolution.

Offering imagery ranging from landscapes, cascading waterfalls and a starry night sky to urban scenes and abstract textures, Moving Murals claims to bring the equivalent of an immersive, IMAX-like experience to homes, resorts, hotels, health/wellness facilities and businesses. Each mural comprises thousands of images captured at digital cinema 4K resolution that are "stitched" together and looped indefinitely.

NanoTech will deliver the 4K UltraHD content on a variety of devices, including its own Nuvola NP-1 and NP-C 4K streaming media players, which come with pre-installed with UltraFlix, said to be the world's first IPTV/over the top (OTT) channel that delivers 4K UltraHD content. UltraFlix offer its streaming video distribution service with what is described as a “comprehensive” library of 4KTV titles beginning January 2014.

"The power of UltraFlix and the Nuvola players to stream our murals in 4K without loss of quality is essential for delivering the rich imagery of our murals," explained Susan Rees, President of Epic Eye. "We're very pleased to partner with the company that is setting the industry standard for 4K delivery."

"Moving Murals are the 'Canvas of the Future' and NanoTech' UltraFlix and Nuvola products are 'The Future of Televisions’,” said Jeff Foley, CEO of NanoTech Entertainment. "When you see the murals come alive with waves crashing on ocean rocks, tree branches swaying in the breeze, a herd of cattle wagging their tails while grazing, you'll understand why our partnership with Moving Murals was a priority."