MStar integrates Rovi DivX Streaming in DTV chipsets

Michelle Clancy | 30-12-2013

Semiconductor company MStar plans to release DTV chipsets certified for Rovi's DivX Plus Streaming. The move will drive integration of Rovi's advanced adaptive streaming format in a range of connected TVs.

DTV OEMs can support a variety of service providers and a range of deployment models including purchase, electronic sell-through, rental, subscription and advertising-supported. Also, DivX Plus Streaming's feature set includes multi-language subtitles and audio tracks, trick-play track for smooth fast forward and rewind, chapter points for quick scene navigation and resume playback across devices. To help eliminate buffering or the 'spinning wheel', DivX Plus Streaming includes Dynamic Resolution Scaling, which provides seamless transitions between different resolutions and bit rates.

"As an industry leader in DTV platforms, MStar can significantly add to the momentum for DivX Plus Streaming with consumer electronics manufacturers," said Kanaan Jemili, senior vice president of product management at Rovi. "Our expanded relationship with MStar can help provide leading manufacturers a streamlined path to support premium video services and accelerate the availability of a dramatically improved over-the-top entertainment experience for consumers."