Melli TV launches Roku, Android and Google TV apps for Persian content

Michelle Clancy | 30-12-2013

Melli TV, a US-based television channel that broadcasts to Persian communities in the United States and abroad, has tapped Tulix Systems to launch Roku, Android and Google TV applications.

The new applications will feature streams of more than 35 television stations from Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Viewers gain instant access to all channels by signing up for an account and choosing between a monthly subscription and a lifetime special available until January 2014. After registering, subscribers will be able to sign in to watch all streamed channels.

The new service uses Tulix's monetisation and content management systems to enable automated registration and billing. All streams are served by Tulix's content delivery network, and many of the channels available in the app are captured directly from satellite at one of the company's downlink facilities around the world.

"Until now, there have been very few options for Persian communities outside of Iran to watch Iranian television" said Shan Hashemidazeh, president of Melli TV. "By streaming these channels through Tulix, we provide an affordable and convenient way to bring this type of content to anyone with an Internet connection. With the applications Tulix developed for us, we can reach millions of viewers without requiring them to purchase any new hardware."