Breaking Bad goes on-demand on Yomvi

Parent Category: News | 30-12-2013

Canal+ has increased its efforts to capture viewers for its new premium channel Canal+Series. In January, Breaking Bad will air on the channel and the complete series will be available on the video-on-demand (VOD) online platform Yomvi.

One of the most popular series of 2013 will be, for the first time, available complete and on-demand for Spanish audiences. Initially broadcast by Paramount Comedy, Vince Gilligan's story will now be shown in HD on Prisa's satellite and cable platform.

Breaking Bad will be available for iPlus users, on computers through Yomvi's website, and through an iOS app for iPads and smart TVs.

Since the premium channel started broadcasting in September, Canal+ has focused on international successes to strengthen its programming. Productions such as Netflix's Orange is the New Black appear to have helped Canal+Series achieve success with Spanish series fans, although no figures have been released as yet.