LAMAC shows Argentina's pay-TV preferences by age

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 30-12-2013

The Latin American Multichannel Advertising Council (LAMAC) has presented a picture of Argentina's pay-TV preferences according to age group.

Highlighting the homogeneity within the groups, children's channels were found to be most popular among younger audiences and news programmes the most viewed among adults over 50.

According to the report, based on Ibope Media figures, every age has its favourite pay-TV channel, although there aren't any surprises about what audiences like.

Argentinian kids enjoy a large number of channels, and these have the highest popularity rate in the country, with Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon being among the most successful pay-TV channels.

Teenagers prefer music programmes and series, with Cosmopolitan, Boomerang and Comedy Central being among the most popular channels.

The younger group of adults, up to 34, is the most fragmented audience group. According to LAMAC, it's very difficult to identify a specific channel with this age, and this also creates challenges for advertisers as they don't have a clear picture of their target market.

The older the audience gets, the more concrete the preferences are. Adults between 34 and 50 choose documentaries, news and lifestyle programmes, although there is still a high fragmentation rate within this group. Discovery Channel, History, National Geographic, TLC and Fox Life are among the pay-TV channels selected by this age segment.

The over-50 audience prefers news programmes. A24, C5N, Canal 26 and CNN are the most popular among these older viewers, who also like lifestyle channels.