State TV stormed in wave of attacks in DR Congo

Rebecca Hawkes | 31-12-2013

Assailants stormed the RTNC building in Kinshasa, temporarily holding hostage reporters for the Democratic Republic of Congo's state broadcaster, on 30 December 2013.

The intruders were armed with machetes and guns, police spokesman Colonel Mwana Mputu told AFP.
Two frightened young presenters were seen on screen with a threatening young male assailant before the RTNC television feed was cut.
"We don't have the impression that the attackers had any other objective – in such small numbers, with such weak weaponry – but to seek ... to spread panic and terror on the eve of the New Year's festivities," Government spokesman Lambert Mende told AFP once the TV link was restored.
Eight attackers were killed at RTNC premises by security forces, along with 16 during "well- orchestrated" assaults at the international airport, and 16 at the capital's military headquarters, he added.
The mineral-rich African country has faced turmoil in its eastern provinces for many years, however Kinshasa has remained largely conflict-free.