Veria Living readies Living Companion online TV series

Parent Category: 31-12-2013

Veria Living, a multi-platform media company that's devoted to showcasing healthy lifestyle and wellness programming, is to launch a live, daily interactive online TV series dubbed Veria Living Companion (VLC) on 6 January.

Hosted by a panel of rotating contributors, with regular interaction with viewers, VLC will take a look at the latest health and wellness headlines, as well as practical tips and takeaways. The show will air as four live, original 15-minute programming blocks on the Veria Living network at 11am, 11.45am, 3pm and 3.45pm ET.
VLC will provide the audience with simple, budget-friendly cooking, fitness, beauty, fashion, parenting and health tips, as well as feature celebrity interviews. Women, men and families across the country will be encouraged to join the conversation each day, interacting with VLC hosts and fellow viewers via Skype, phone, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. And, the premiere kicks off a month-long series on 30 Secrets in 30 Days to A Better You.
"VLC brings a dynamic new energy to daytime television with content designed to engage and inspire, and accessible hosts who will mentor viewers as they explore new ways to improve their health and lead happier, more fulfilled lives," said Veria Living's new CEO Eric Sherman. "Everyone has the power to change their life VLC offers practical advice, actionable tips and most importantly encouragement and support for viewers and callers as they embark on a new chapter of their life."
Executive-produced by daytime television veteran George Davilas (Anderson Live, The Doctors, The Martha Stewart Show), VLC will incorporate the guidance of six hosts focused on diverse areas of expertise, including beauty, yoga and meditation, dance and fitness, men's health and the culinary arts.