Red Uno reveals new line-up
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02-01-2014

Bolivia's Red Uno has unveiled a new line-up with a special focus on soap operas. The channel aims to consolidate its position as the country's second signal, offering some of the audience's favourite shows.

According to the newspaper La Razón, the Argentinian blockbuster Carrusel will air its latest series, which has been produced in Brazil. The soap opera, the original series of which was broadcast in 1989, has achieved great success in Latin America, having two Mexican versions produced by Televisa. The series targets the family audience and tells the story of a teacher and her students.

Red Uno's second series comes from South Korea, confirming the increasing success of Asian productions in Latin America. Boys Over Flowers is also about a school and has already been broadcast in Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Panama, and in the US through Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll.

The Mexican soap opera Cásate Conmigo is Red Uno's final offering to capture the audience in 2014. Produced by Televisa, the show has only aired for one season, although more seasons are expected due to its success with audiences, mostly through pay-TV platforms.