ViXS and Wyplay launch 4K media gateway solution

January 2, 2014 15.19 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Frog by WyplayViXS and Wyplay have announced the ndustry’s first media gateway solution with full support for Ultra HD 4K and HEVC-Main 10.

ViXS’ XCode 6400 SoC combined with Frog by Wyplay Media Gateway middleware offers service providers a dynamic platform for deploying Ultra HD with legacy content support.

The solution boasts a 50% reduction in bandwidth consumption. Central to this new architecture is Frog, Wyplay’s open platform system middleware.

Using ViXS’ XCode 6400, which is sampling today and in production in Q1 2014, telco and satellite operators can deploy Ultra HD 4K content.

The XCode 6400 enables operators to reduce operating costs by taking advantage of the 50% bandwidth savings found with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). ViXS is the first video system on a chip (SoC) provider to market with 10-bit HEVC media processing.

The high-performance transcoding capability of the XCode 6400 provides support for legacy non-HEVC devices already in the home, giving operators increased options for managing the transition to new services using Ultra HD 4K.

Frog by Wyplay is an initiative aiming to free all actors in the TV ecosystem from being locked into proprietary solutions. It is the first independent source software solution for pay-for-TV operators. Thanks to Frog by Wyplay, the full source code of Wyplay’s set-top box middleware and backend add-ons — already being deployed to more than 10 million subscribers at Canal+, Belgacom, SFR, and Vodafone — will be accessible free of charge for evaluation and development purposes.

“ViXS is delighted to be demonstrating the XCode 6400 SoC integrated with Wyplay’s media framework at CES 2014,” said David Jones, VP Marketing, ViXS Systems Inc.

“Working with Wyplay highlights how ViXS is driving the future of the home media gateway market by providing service operators a full software and hardware gateway solution that will usher in the next era of content and services.”

The Frog By Wyplay platform architecture can be customised to have a unique look and feel for specific operator requirements. Utiliz
sing the latest open software techniques such as HTML-5, widgets and more, the software can leverage legacy set-top box architecture as well as run on newer platforms.

“The emerging gateway market is an exciting space for Wyplay and a great match for our solutions,” said Wyplay CEO Jacques Bourgninaud.

“We are pleased to continue partnering with ViXS on their media software ecosystem and to play a key role in helping the industry transition to Ultra HD 4K in 2014.”

Frog By Wyplay will be officially launched at the CES Las Vegas tradeshow in January 2014. The source code and documentation will available at