Argentina's DTT covers 80% of population

Jane Wolfe | 03-01-2014

Argentina's DTT network has been consolidated during 2013, said Osvaldo Nemirovsci, director of the country's DTT council, in an interview with the official news agency Télam. During the last year the network was connected to 77 broadcasting stations, covering nearly 80% of the population.

In addition, around 10,000 connections to the direct-to-home (DTH) public network were achieved in rural and remote areas of the country. In 2014, 40 new stations will be built to increase the coverage, especially in some areas of the capital district.

According to Nemirovsci, there are 30 million Argentineans covered by DTT but only around five million are regularly watching it, so the Government's challenge for 2014 is to increase the audience. For this purpose, the projects Fomento and Polos Audiovisuales Tecnológicos aim to create new content to fill the DTT schedule and diversify the offer.

The DTT deployment has also driven growth for Argentina's technological exports. Venezuela bought 13 broadcasting stations – which were designed and built in Argentina – and nearly 300,000 set-top boxes.

"It was an unknown market six months ago and now we are exporting national technology," said Nemirovsci. "And we are talking to Bolivia's Government in order to carry a similar operation there," he added.