Atresmedia grows in Spain, Mediaset tops the Internet

Parent Category: News | 03-01-2014

The competition for Spanish viewers finished closer than ever in 2013. Atresmedia's DTT channels grew unstoppably and matched Mediaset's figures, resulting in both groups jointly leading the rankings by the end of the year.

However, the Italian media company has found a field in which, for the moment, it has no close competitors: online and social TV.

Atresmedia's channels reached 29.9% of the audience in December, beating Mediaset. But the year's average figures show that Mediaset still leads with 29%, although the figure is just 0.1% higher than Atresmedia's average – the closest figures in the last few years.

Apart from the close fight between the groups' main channels – Antena 3 and Telecinco – Atresmedia has celebrated the solid growth of laSexta, which beat Cuatro during the most part of the year.

The channel has grown nearly 1% and shows an average of 6%, the highest in the channel's history. LaSexta's news-related programmes El Intermedio, El Objetivo and Salvados have topped the figures in their time slots, driving growth for the group.

But although Mediaset has seen a slight drop during 2013, the group is the absolute leader with regard to Internet. Mediaset's online TV has 5.2 million visitors on average and generates over half of the social TV-related comments (53 million) according to GlobalinMedia.

In addition to the over 17 million unique users (figures from November), Mediaset also topped the advertising figures in 2013. Publiespaña – the group's ad company – served up the first 55 most watched ads of the year.