Belgacom TV Replay adds RTL Group, AB3 and AB4

January 3, 2014 11.05 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Belgian IPTV platform Belgacom TV is enhancing its Replay service with channels from the RTL Group as well as with AB3 and AB4.

The service is still in its pilot phase, but the group has been extended to 10,000 users in Brussels and Walloon, the French-speaking part of the country.

Belgacom TV Replay offers viewers to possibility to restart any programmes that was broadcast up to 36 hours before. A premium version of the service, called Belgacom TV Replay +, also makes it possible to trick play any of the programmes requested.

With the addition of the new channels, Belgacom TV Replay is now available on VRT n, En HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP-12, VIER, VIER HD, VIJF, VIJF HD, VTM, VTM HD, 2BE, 2BE HD, Vitaya, JIM, anne, VTMKZOOM, RTL TVI, RTL TVI HD, Club RTL, Club RTL HD, Plug RTL, Plug RTL HD, AB3, AB4,Belgacom zoom/11 (nationaal football), Belgacom 11+ (international football) and Belgacom 5 (national basketbal).

Belgacom Replay+ is via a TV everywhere app also available on computer, smart phone and tablet for VRT En HD, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP-12, VIER HD, VIJF HD, RTL TVI HD, Club RTL HD, Plug RTL HD, AB3, AB4, Belgacom zoom/11, Belgacom 11+ eand Belgacom 5.