CES 2014: STMicroelectronics takes aim at UltraHD, multimedia for cable

Michelle Clancy | 04-01-2014

STMicroelectronics has debuted a hardware and software system-on-chip (SoC) platform for the digital multimedia home. Itís aimed at the US cable market, supporting high-speed broadband access, UltraHD multiscreen video processing and seamless home connectivity over wired and wireless networks.

"To meet the high-bandwidth demands of US consumers, cable operators have introduced high-speed networks capable of delivering high-end interactive content to displays from TVs to smartphones and tablets," said Gian Luca Bertino, executive vice president and general manager for the Digital Convergence Group at STMicroelectronics.

"To ensure that this content is properly processed, managed and distributed, home-gateway and client-box SoCs must integrate a wide range of wired and wireless interfaces, low-power modes and premium content protection. ST's broad, market-unique offering for the digital multimedia home puts all the pieces into place to enable operators to deliver the best user experience and most advanced services at optimised cost."

ST's DOCSIS 3.0-certified cable-modem chips, codenamed 'Alicante,í provide fast network connectivity for multimedia home entertainment and interactive broadband services. With data rates up to 800Mbps, it enables set-top boxes and home gateways to deliver video and Internet data services over a single network and support simultaneous use of multiple connected devices.

ST's latest multimedia application-processor SoCs, codenamed 'Cannes' and 'Monaco', respectively, support decode and display resolution up to 2160p (twice the standard HD resolution) and the next-generation H.265 / HEV video compression.