CES 2014: More than 7BN addressable screens by 2017

Editor | 05-01-2014

The death foretold by some of TV is not just hugely exaggerated but instead anything but so, new research from Strategy Analytics is stating.

Indeed the research house's "TV's Not Dying, It's Changing" report found that the global installed base of TV-addressable screens is actually in the middle of a second wave of rapid expansion driven by new TV devices, in particular mobile. These, when added to the traditional TV base, contributed to an overall global installed universe of TV addressable devices of 5.1 billion at the end of 2013. Strategy Analytics expects a further two billion TV devices to have been added by the end of 2017.

"TV's impending death has been overstated by some commentators," said David Watkins, Director, Connected Home Devices (CHD). "The reality is that, while the television industry is changing and will look different in the future, it is very much alive. TV screens are multiplying rapidly through widespread adoption of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and consumers consider these screens as alternatives or supplements to traditional big TV screens."

"TV and video companies, whether they are in content production, distribution, or any related discipline, must get out of the mindset that their business is purely about the traditional TV screen," added David Mercer, VP and Principal Analyst. "The multiscreen TV era is well and truly upon us and this research demonstrates that a huge new opportunity is emerging for those prepared to adopt multiscreen strategies."