Colombia's Canal Uno to be relaunched in February

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 05-01-2014

Colombia's Canal Uno is ready to start broadcasting 24/7, according to the country's TV authority. But the four companies that participate in the project have decided to relaunch the signal in February, as January is the month with lowest advertising activity.

The channel is a shared project, between the public TV company and the private industry, which has been present in Colombia's schedule since 1998. Back then, it had over 30% of audience share - the country's TV offer was also much shorter - but the figures during last year were barely over 4%. Now, the channel will take a new direction with the aim of becoming an audience leader once again.

Some 25% of the schedule will consist of Colombia's public TV, with the rest from the consortiums Jorge Barón/Sportsat, CMI Television and NTC/Colombiana de Televisión. The line-up has been designed by analyzing Colombia's public and private offer, US Latin channels and Mexico and Venezuela's programming, in order to identify the audience preferences.

Canal Uno's website will be also renewed and reactivated, looking to improve the channel's interaction with the audience and strengthen the social networks' activities. The signal will be launched through the DTT network, adding the HD possibility in the future.