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Thread: Help With Updating My Rec.

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    Question Help With Updating My Rec.

    Hello Every One:
    OK, I have been to and successfully downloaded emupgrade program and also got the tuturial on how to use the emupgrade. Also downloaded the software relating to my Rec. SR x130d, this software had a "bin" extension as file name. In the tutorial it talks about browsing the file location and selecting the file with extension "sgn" where is this file coming from?
    Thanks for your help

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    on this site you don't find update at time
    in fact you have to install only one program (mine is v365 for srx650) and every day i just input update keys(prog key editor 1.2) and all work.
    if you don't find the good firmware see on and go to forum.many of them use this model.
    good luck

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    Thanks om13

    I will try that site. Thanks

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