CES 2014: Seiki to introduce U-Vision 4K HDMI accessories

Michelle Clancy | 06-01-2014

Seiki is planning to introduce the U-VISION line of 4K up-conversion HDMI accessories at International CES 2014, which convert current HD and non-HD content for 4K UltraHD screens.

Available as a standalone HDMI cable or HDMI up-conversion adapter without cables, U-VISION products integrate Marseille Networks VTV-1222 video processing chip to transform legacy content into 4K video. Seiki U-VISION 4K up-conversion HDMI cable and adapter are the first accessory products to deliver the Hollywood video experience certified by the Technicolor 4K Image Certification programme.

Technicolor's rigorous certification programme validates detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction and up-conversion to create a digital entertainment experience in the home with HD content.

The Marseille VTV-1222 patented video processing technology provides image enhancement and 4K up-conversion for use with the latest 4K UltraHD TVs has successfully passed the certification.

"At CES 2014, Seiki will reveal how the U-VISION 4K up-conversion HDMI accessories will empower 4K UltraHD TV adopters to create and enjoy the highest quality digital content at home without waiting for 4K content," said Frank Kendzora, executive vice president at Seiki. "Together with Marseille's advanced VTV 4K video processing technology, Seiki aims to speed up the adoption of the new UltraHD TV standard with more 4K content enabled by one of the best up-conversion technologies available today."

The Seiki U-VISION HDMI accessories are designed to work with 4K UltraHD TVs to enhance picture quality of HD video content, and perform real-time detail enhancement, edge restoration and noise reduction. Both products support 1080p up-conversion to 4K video signals up to 30Hz.