Film portals grow in Germany

Parent Category: News | 06-01-2014

Movies are increasingly purchased and rented online in Germany, with the turnover generated through the sale and rental of films on the Internet expected to grow to 134 million in 2014.

This corresponds with an increase of almost 20% compared with 2013 (112 million), reports German industry association BITKOM with reference to figures compiled by market research institute IHS Screen Digest. In total, around 27 million films are expected to be purchased or rented online in 2014. In 2013, the figure amounted to 22 million and in 2012 to just 15 million.

The number of devices through with online film portals can be accessed has considerably risen in the past years. In 2010, only 4.1 million TV sets or other video devices were connected to the Internet in German households. In 2013, the figure already climbed to 14 million devices. This includes not only 6.8 million connected TV sets, but also five million games consoles, 1.9 million Internet-capable set-top boxes and around half a million Blu-ray players.

Online film portals are also usually pre-installed on smartphones and tablets and can be accessed through computers and laptops.