DTT more popular than cable, satellite in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-01-2014

Digital terrestrial television (DTT) is the most popular TV network for Spanish viewers, who prefer it to cable and satellite. Pay-TV's low penetration rate has driven DTT to be the only broadcasting system in 82.4% of homes since the analogue switch off.

According to Barlovento Comunicación's audience figures, the terrestrial network leaves no space for cable and satellite, which are only strong in some areas where there is an extensive fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. Cable registered 13.5% of users and satellite 4.1% - a downward trend.

Cable TV had 14.2% penetration in January 2013, while December 2013 registered its lowest rate in the year at 12.9%. Satellite audiences are more stable, but also dropped from 4.5% at the beginning of 2013 to 4.3% in December, reaching a low point of 3.7% in May and June.

Regarding regional penetration, the map shows the relation between a strong FTTH network and the audience's preference for cable. In the Basque Country, where Euskaltel operates fibre services, cable penetration is 40.4%, while in Asturias - TeleCable's FTTH - the rate is 36.7%. Satellite finds its highest diffusion in the Canary Islands, with 6.5%, while Catalonia has the highest DTT penetration (88.3%).