Pakistan bans Shia channels in Gilgit-Balistan

Rebecca Hawkes | 07-01-2014

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned four Shia TV channels in the country's northern Gilgit-Balistan province, according to local reports.

Karbala Arabic channel, Hidayat TV, Hadi TV and the Shia news channel Such TV are all reportedly to be taken off air by cable operators in the province, situated in the disputed Kashmir region.

Shia parties and leaders have condemned the ban on the channels in what is a Shia majority province, reports the Shia Post. The PEMRA Gilgit-Balistan department claims the action followed complaints about the channels.

Last month PEMRA also banned the relay of popular Afghan television channels RTA, ATN, Shamshad and Lemar by cable operators in the province of Balochistan.