yes Satellite TV launches OTT Service

Editor | 07-01-2014

Israel's leading DTH provider yes has unveiled what is claimed to be the country's first personal and social multi-screen TV service running on an over-the-top (OTT) basis.

Subscribers to yes will be able to access yes GO on their PCs or Macs as well as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The service offers over 40 linear channels and thousands of hours of premium content available on a VOD basis, and the provider believes that the service can set the standard for pay-TV services not only in Israel but also beyond.

A household management module gives users the ability to log in to the service as individual TV viewers. In this way, each member of the household can enjoy a TV service which is entirely personal, having access to a personal zone which is consistent across all of the devices. This allows users to watch their favourite shows, viewing history and preferences, which are influenced only by their personal interactions with yes GO.

The household management module enables the personal TV experience and includes sophisticated integrations with Facebook. This enables features such as an activity feed, as well as social-based recommendations. yes GO also includes a crowdsourcing component, where users will be informed of popular shows trending in real time

The immersive user experience and front end applications, such as social TV, for the OTT pay-TV service were created by Tvinci whose platform is designed for premium OTT TV services, with a device management module to ensure compliance with Hollywood studio content protection requirements.

Tvinci's device management module manages the number of devices and the number of concurrent streams per yes account, as well as how often end users can add and remove devices. Tvinci front-end applications optimise yes GO for the different screens, showcasing the rich user experience.

"Tvinci was the natural choice for us, when we took the decision to create an OTT TV service with an immersive user experience," said Itzhak Elyakim, VP engineering and CTO, yes Satellite. "yes GO is one of the most sophisticated OTT pay-TV solutions in Europe and we are proud to be working with the world's leading OTT TV platform provider in our adventure beyond the set-top box. yes Satellite prides itself on leading the pay-TV market in Israel and beyond and we are confident that our combination of excellent content and Tvinci's social and personal user experience is a potent mix."