AirTies launches first IPTV STB for Netflix

Editor | 07-01-2014

Leading Danish broadband and TV service provider Waoo! has deployed the first IPTV service to offer Netflix integrated within STBs from AirTies Wireless Networks.

AirTies developed the set-top box to allow subscribers to view Netflix's subscription-based over-the-top (OTT) video streaming services alongside IPTV services, including both broadcast/Flow TV and on-demand HDTV. The box integrates the dual software stacks to allow both services to run on the IPTV set-top box, using a single user interface to seamlessly navigate between the two services.

Among the challenges in the deployment were to incorporate both the IPTV multicast software stack and the Netflix unicast stack onto a set-top box with just 512MB of memory. An additional challenge was integrating the Verimatrix DRM for the Waoo! IPTV service with the PlayReady DRM used by Netflix whilst also meeting the OTT leader's protection and certification requirements.

"The addition of Netflix content to our IPTV service will significantly enhance our business," explained Waoo! CEO, Joergen Stensgaard. "The total user experience provided by our team and AirTies is outstanding. AirTies has played a significant role in enabling us to continue to meet the growing demand for on-demand video streaming services and we have been very impressed with the customer reaction following the deployment."

Added Bulent Celebi, chairman and co-founder of AirTies: "We are proud to be the first company to integrate Netflix and an IPTV service into a single STB ... To be involved in such a sophisticated and rewarding project is invaluable for AirTies and we very much enjoyed rising to this challenge of creating a unique user experience that marries together the best of on-demand video streaming services with a high quality IPTV service to offer the best of both worlds."