CEs 2014: Cisco adds cloud capabilities to Videoscape

Jane Wolfe | 07-01-2014

Aiming to enable service providers to launch consumer video services faster, Cisco has expanded its Videoscape TV services delivery platform to include a host of new cloud video capabilities.

With new software and technology for both private and public cloud services, Cisco is confident that it can provide simplified options to quickly deliver new consumer experiences, such as second screen and 4K video, and offer more customisation and personalisation for viewing and sharing content across multiple devices.

The new functionality includes what is claimed to be an industry-first "as-a-service" offering and open cloud software technologies based on OpenStack. These, says Cisco, will help service providers and media companies enhance agility, increase revenue and reduce operating expenses.

Videoscape Cloud Software is said to help reduce operating expenses and increase revenue by delivering more experiences, including those based on the IOE, faster than ever before. It separates Videoscape from dedicated hardware and enables it to run on service provider and media company public and private clouds, including those based on OpenStack. This enables Cisco customers to deploy new video applications on demand, then easily and automatically scale them, shaving months or years off the tasks of planning and deployment.

Utilising the same software and APIs as the rest of Videoscape, Videoscape Cloud Services can be purchased "as a service" from Cisco on a consumption-based model. This, Cisco promises, allows users to deliver fresh, new video experiences for consumers, without the need to create, code, and integrate new capabilities themselves.

Commenting on what the launch could mean to companies such as his, Hubert Cariou, director, Bouygues Telecom, said: "Together with Cisco, we have tested and proven the value of innovative cloud-powered services. With shorter development and deployment intervals for new products, we view cloud as a way to help lower the costs of introducing new services with extremely flexible scalability."

Added TV Globo CTO, Fernando Bittencourt: "Our collaboration with Cisco is helping us to advance our service capabilities in a number of areas, including exploring cloud-powered, second-screen video experiences. Our successful deployment of the video application for The Voice Brasil has us excited about the possibilities to deliver similar experiences to our customers for even more programmes to come."