Alterna'TV to distribute TRACE Sport Stars to US and LATAM pay-TV operators

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 08-01-2014

Alterna'TV has taken on the distribution of TRACE Sport Stars channel to US and Latin American pay-TV providers.

"Sports celebrities have been looked upon as role models for decades, with young viewers the world over emulating the look and perceived lifestyle of the athletes they most admire," said Clemente Cabello, executive director of Alterna'TV. "TRACE Sport Stars has tapped into that consumer interest by developing a channel that provides round-the-clock access to today's most famous celebrity athletes. We believe the channel will generate significant interest throughout the US and Latin America because this unique channel successfully delivers the latest news, behind-the-scenes coverage, and ongoing discussions of all aspects of sports celebrities' lives."

First launched in 2012, TRACE Sport Stars, the first channel exclusively dedicated to sports celebrities, is available to more than 30 million homes in 106 countries around the world. By blending original lifestyle, gossip, news, reality, magazine and talk show content throughout its 24/7 schedule, TRACE Sport Stars targets the youth audience.

"Having developed close relationships with Latin American operators and successfully launching a broad range of channels into this highly competitive marketplace, Alterna'TV knows exactly what it takes to secure carriage in the US," said Laurent Dumeau, CEO of TRACE Sport Stars and senior vice president of global distribution for TRACE TV. "The relationships Alterna'TV has throughout these regions will make it possible to launch TRACE Sport Stars to the widest possible audience."

He added: "With the World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer, this provides us with an opportunity to produce local content, making TRACE Sport Stars an even more attractive proposition for Latin American operators."