CES 2014: Elemental to power HEVC and MPEG-DASH video processing

Michelle Clancy | 08-01-2014

Elemental Technologies has announced that it will power 4K video processing in the high-efficiency video coding (HEVC / H.265) and MPEG-DASH formats for leading consumer electronics device and semiconductor manufacturers.

As 4K content, services and STBs become more available and consumer demand ramps, content creators are beginning to future-proof productions in the 4K format.

To that end, Elemental is also working with Akamai and Qualcomm on a 4K demonstration at CES 2014, to show attendees how content owners can make the jump from demonstration to deployment. Qualcomm is demonstrating a development tablet, powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor, with the ability to decode H.265 high efficiency video coding (HEVC) and play back 4K content on an UltraHD television.

Elemental Technologies will encode the content using HEVC, compressing the video to require about half of the bandwidth of today's commonly used AVC/H.264 compression standard. Elemental will also apply MPEG-DASH formatting to the content, which has been designed to serve as a single, open streaming format for all devices and players.

That 4K/HEVC/DASH content will be hosted in Akamai's cloud-based NetStorage and streamed in real time over the Akamai Intelligent Platform's high performance network at bitrates ranging from 10-20mbps.

"Sure, you can find a few examples of 4K content online now, and you can also download massive 4K files; but delivering that level of content at scale is a real hurdle for content owners and service providers – one that [we are] working with other innovators to solve," said Kurt Michel, director of product marketing for media at Akamai.